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Selected completed projects

Here we present finished projects of the working group Nursing Research:

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Here you will find a list of titles of already completed projects of the working group Nursing Research. If you have any questions about the projects, please contact:


Completed Projects

DekuProph: Development of patient clothing for decubitus prophylaxis

DaySi- Participatory development and validation of an interactive care and daily living assistance system

EDGE - Development of pressure-distributing heel and joint protectors for decubitus prophylaxis

eMPOWER - Development of a textile-based washable microelectronic system for monitoring patients in outpatient and inpatient settings

EVA Smart@Home - Cost-benefit-analysis as part of the model project "Pflege@Quartier" (care@quarters) of the GESOBAU AG
Publication: Promotion of safety and mobility of older people and people in need of care in their own homes
The aim of the study was to examine the usability, user satisfaction and correlation between costs/benefits of various smart home solutions and conventional, mobility-supporting aids for older tenants (> 65 years) in need of care.
By: Deborah Elisabeth Jachan, Ursula Müller-Werdan, Nils Axel Lahmann, Sandra Strube-Lahmann
Journal: BMC Geriatric 2021; 21(205):10.

GAP: Relevant nursing health care problems in outpatient care in the Federal Republic of Germany

Health-related quality of life for nursing home residents

I Care Pathways

KOMMUNIKAP - Mobile monitoring system for individual treatment and medication management for patients in need of care

IMKE study: Study on incontinence, mobility and cognitive impairment in clients of outpatient care services

MEALTIME - Movement Detection, Labeling and Intervention

MobiAssist - Mobility assistance for patients with dementia and their relatives

PERHAPS - Patient Safety in Outpatient Care
Publication: Factors and perceived consequences of nursing errors by nursing staff in outpatient nursing services
In the study, factors for possible nursing errors and their perceived consequences are identified by the nursing staff surveyed in outpatient nursing services and correlated with qualifications, professional experience, working hours and further training courses attended by the nursing staff.
By: Deborah Elisabeth Jachan, Ursula Müller-Werdan, Nils Axel Lahmann
Journal: Nurs Open 2021; 8:755-765.

Reizstrumpf - Intermittent pneumatic compression of the thigh for the treatment of lower extremity wounds: a randomized control trial

SOFIMA - Alarm monitoring system for the detection of harmful immobility of patients using sensor-optical fibers in textile-based mat constructions

SPUR - Modular assistance system to support people with dementia and their caregivers

GenDerCare - Gender differences in care
Publication: Prevalence and risk factors of chronic wounds in nursing homes in Germany - A Cross-Sectional Study
An annual cross-sectional study conducted in nursing home residents from 2012 to 2018 to investigate the prevalence and risk factors of chronic wounds in German nursing homes.
By: Kathrin Raeder, Deborah Elisabeth Jachan, Ursula Müller-Werdan, Nils Axel Lahmann
Journal: Int Wound J. 2020 Oct;17(5):1128-1134.

Sensor upholstery - Development of a surface temperature, movement and humidity recording system with emergency call function for integration in furniture constructions

WidaP - Creation of a knowledge database for care advice