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PID Study - Researching skin care products

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Applying skin protection products to vulnerable skin areas can help prevent or reduce incontinence-associated dermatitis (IAD). However, there is currently no evidence that one skin protection product is better than another. 

Aims and Procedures

Therefore, the objectives of this exploratory clinical study are to compare the effects of two skin protection products (1. film-based, 2. lipophilic hydrophobic) with a control group (standard therapy) and to assess the feasibility of a confirmatory clinical trial. Endpoints include IAD incidence, skin redness, IAD-associated pain, satisfaction, and side effects.

Innovations und Perspectives

The results of this clinical trial should help to improve the therapy of IAD.

Project duration

07/2022 - 01/2024

Project Management

Dr. Nils Lahmann

Deputy Director FGG, Head of Department: Digitization and Nursing Research

Staff members

Peggi Lippert

Research Associate

Björn Naumann

Research Associate