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PAge@home - Digital personal agent for chronically ill people in the home environment

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PAge@Home - Project profile


As a result of digitization, there are a large number of different devices for the monitoring of health and medical data of patients in the home environment. On the one hand, these devices can be certified medical devices (e.g. manual blood pressure monitor, sensor technology for recording movements, blood saturation and heart rate), on the other hand, they can also be products of the secondary healthcare market (e.g. smartwatch, health app). The technologies collect and store data in different ways and mostly serve only one purpose (e.g., output of blood pressure, detection of activity, etc.). However, a combination of data from several devices can provide various information about the health status of patients and optimize their health care.

Aims and Procedure

The PAge@Home project aims to develop the basis for integral, reliable, digitally networked healthcare for chronically ill people in their home environment. Within the project, a system will be developed and evaluated that logically combines data from various devices, reliably detects critical health changes and networks the stakeholder involved. The data collected in the home will then be transferred to the elektronische Patientenakte (ePA).

Innovations and perspectives

The innovation is the integration of any hardware and software from the secondary healthcare market into an overall system that medically validates and interprets AI-supported data. The heterogeneous data of different devices are combined with each other and can thus make reliable statements about the health status of patients. In this way, the treatment strategy can be optimized, especially in acute states of health emergency.

Project duration

02/2023 – 01/2026

Project Management

Dr. Nils Lahmann

Deputy Director FGG, Head of Department: Digitization and Nursing Research

Scientific staff

Michele Haink

Research Associate

Björn Naumann

Research Associate

Further project information

Project funding Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)