KOMMUNIKAP - Mobile monitoring system for individual treatment and medication management for patients in need of care

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KOMMUNIKAP - Project profile


Specific challenges must be taken into account in the medical care of persons in need of care. People in need of care often also have communication difficulties. For this reason, it is important to identify drug-related side effects at an early stage and to continuously record the vital parameters. Mobile monitoring of the state of health can support this approach continuously and non-invasively.

Aims and Procedures

In the KOMMUNIKAP project, a non-invasive monitoring system is being developed that records the oxygen saturation, blood pressure, pulse and movement of care recipients. For this purpose, inconspicuous sensors close to the body are used, which analyse the collected data with regard to typical problems of patients in need of care (e.g. bedsores or respiratory diseases) and process them for the responsible care givers. The integration of different vital parameters and movement data enables early therapeutic intervention.

Innovations und Perspectives

A fast, precisely tailored intervention improves nursing services, identifies possible long-term damage at an early stage and reduces the number of inpatient stays. As patients remain mobile during monitoring, the system also supports home care.

Project duration

02/2019 – 01/2022

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