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DIPF - Cross-sectional survey on digital literacy

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DIPF - Project profile


The digitalization of the healthcare system leads to new challenges and requirements for nursing professions and changes the daily processes of those in need of care. As a result, digital competencies of nursing professionals will increasingly come to the forefront in order to bring innovative technologies together with care and support.

Aims and Procedures

Against this background, the aim of this project is to investigate whether the private use of digital technologies and "gaming" leads to an increase in technology acceptance and IT literacy, and whether the willingness to adopt nursing innovation technologies is increased. To answer these questions, nursing professionals will be surveyed about their digital competencies through an online questionnaire. The questions are based on established questionnaires on technological affinity and technological readiness.

Innovation and perspectives

This assessment of digital competencies should lead to corresponding recommendations for action and show the benefits and usability of nursing innovation technologies.

Project duration

01/2023 - 01/2025

Project Management

PhD Sandra Strube-Lahmann

Coordinator Working Group Nursing Research, QM Representative

Staff members