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AIDMATE - Testing the functionality of the AIDMATE system in everyday care

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AIDMATE - Project profile


In old age, the rate of persons affected by incontinence increases gradually. If the skin is exposed too long to the moisture associated with excretions, damage to the affected skin areas, such as the incontinence associated dermatitis (IAD), may occur. Therefore, a timely change of incontinence material is essential.

Aims and Procedure

The aim of the AIDMATE project is to test and evaluate the first prototype generation of the moisture sensor developed by AssistMe Digital Health Systems GmbH. The study is carried out on persons affected by incontinence in the day-to-day care routine. The collected sensor data serve as a basis for the development of algorithms in order to identify the ideal time for changing the incontinence material.

Project duration

11/2017 – 12/2023

Staff members

PhD Sandra Strube-Lahmann

Coordinator Working Group Nursing Research, QM Representative

Further project information