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Das Bild zeigt einen Arzt, der bei einer jungen Patientin eine Augenuntersuchung durchführt.


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Cardiac aging - Project profile


Aging is associated with inflammation and declined mitochondrial biogenesis, promoting the development of cardiovascular diseases. Sirtuins are NAD + -dependent deacetylases that regulate cardiac inflammation and mitochondrial biogenesis. They are strong modulated through sex and sex hormones. Furthermore, their expression and activity decrease dramatically with age.

Aims and Procedure

In this project, we aim to study age-related changes in cardiac mitochondrial function and biogenesis in the human non-diseased heart. Furthermore, we aim to examined age-related inflammatory processes in healthy hearts.

Project duration

04/2019 – 12/2023

Project members

Natalia Haritonow

Medical-technical laboratory assistant