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Teleskoop - Robotic help in your own home

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Teleskoop - Project profile


Demographic change poses a major challenge for our society: an increasing number of people in need of care on the one hand and a limited number of caregivers on the other. In view of this imbalance, the question is how can a needs-based and dignified care be implemented? Telepresence robotics can make the working time of caregivers more effective, especially in home and outpatient care.

Objectives and procedure

The "Teleskoop" project aims to support caregivers in using their working time more efficiently and to relieve them physically and mentally. For this purpose, a cooperatively controlled telepresence robot system is being researched with and further developed. It enables the nurse to carry out the tasks of everyday outpatient care without being present. They can provide support as if they were there themselves - for example, with dressing, personal hygiene and emergencies. In contrast to classic teleoperation approaches, with control via joystick and screen, the nurse operates the robot intuitively with her whole body and can thus interact with the patient in real life.

Innovations and perspectives

"Teleskoop" is the first cooperative, immersive telepresence system for outpatient care. The cooperative control system protects the patient from unwanted forces by the robot and thus enables near-body care services that are not controllable with today's systems.

Project duration

10/2021 - 09/2024

Staff members

Robert Klebbe

Research Assistant

Further project information

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