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RoMi - Robot support for routine tasks to improve cooperation in care facilities

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RoMi - Project profile


In the context of demographic change and the incidence of chronic degenerative diseases, a steadily growing need for care, a shortage of skilled workers and an increasing burden on the social security systems can be observed. For the nursing sector, this is associated with a variety of challenges for the quality and quantity of patient-oriented care. Service robots have the potential to take over routine tasks in nursing if they integrate themselves efficiently into the nursing processes and are accepted by the various target groups.

Objectives and procedure

Objective in the project is the advancement of the service robot workerbot6TM for tasks in the care process. Including nursing staff and persons in need of care, work processes in everyday nursing care are examined - for example, possible support for fetch and delivery services. In addition, trust-building characteristics of the robot are investigated. Ethical questions and data protection requirements are also discussed and taken into account. The results will be implemented functionally and design-wise in the service robot and tested in nursing practice. The focus of the technical modifications is to improve communication and interaction (speech, facial expressions, gestures, transfer of objects) between robot and human. In addition, central aspects of usability are incorporated into the development process.<adresse></adresse>

Innovations and perspectives

The combination of trust-building robot design and technological improvements promotes the utilization and acceptance of assistive robots in care settings. Thus, nursing staff can be relieved and the quality of care can be increased.

Project duration

03/2020 - 08/2023

Staff members

Robert Klebbe

Research Assistant

Further project information

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