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KIP-SDM - AI in nursing - falls / delirium / medication

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KIP-SDM - Project profile


In Germany, there are about 5 million fall incidents every year. The risk of falls among older people is increased, especially if they are unsteady in their gait or if they take some medications. It is often difficult to assess the individual risk and thus to successfully implement preventive measures. Artificial intelligence (AI) could make an important contribution here. However, access to the data that an AI needs to learn is often difficult.

Objectives and procedure

The aim of the project is to give caregivers and researchers easier access to the data they need. The identification of fall risks is only one possible application. In addition, the data can also provide information about other nursing-relevant problems, such as states of confusion or the consequences of multimedication. For this purpose, a decentralised database is to be developed by two large care institutions, a deep-tech start-up as well as a technical university and a research institute for digitalisation. To protect the patients' data, they never leave the respective institution. Instead, the data will be used to develop models that can generate and replicate realistic patient data.

Innovations and perspectives

The project aims to develop an innovative basis for both health prevention and AI research in care. By building the database, caregivers can benefit from a novel risk assessment solution, while AI researchers can be supported through simplified data access.

Project duration

08/2022 - 07/2025

Staff members

Robert Klebbe

Research Assistant

Further project information