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ePA Coach - Digital sovereignty reflected in the electronic patient file

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ePA Coach - Project profile


As of 01.01.2021, health insurance companies must offer their insured persons an electronic patient file (ePA) for voluntary use. In order for older people to be able to manage their health data in an informed, self-determined manner and without technology-related exclusion, there is a need to acquire skills and to enable the exercise of these skills (digital sovereignty).

Objectives and procedure

The goal of the project ePA Coach is the development of a coaching-based, interactive learning platform, which should enable older people to use ePA competently. In an iterative user-centered development process, we will develop a target group-oriented learning concept will be developed and the possibilities of an interactive learning platform will be explored and tested. This will be based on the following elements:

  • Microlearning approach for time-flexible and individually adaptable learning,
  • Gamification approach for target group-specific motivation and adaptation to the learning environment,
  • Coaching and dialogue-based avatar approach, for learning support, personalization and user guidance in the learning environment,
  • KI-based assistance and knowledge services for learning-related support.


Innovations and perspectives

At present, there are no binding concepts for mediating and enabling digital sovereignty. In view of the different ePA applications of the individual health insurance companies, the platform allows for general and age-appropriate learning.  The project thus makes a valuable contribution to the successful social institutionalization of the ePA.

Project duration

05/2020 - 07/2023

Staff members

Luis Perotti

Research Assistant

Oskar Stamm

Research Assistant

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