AuRorA - Reusable interactive behavior for proactive robotics in smart home

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An intelligent living environment (smart home) in everyday life can support care- dependent people. Conventional approaches, however, offer few opportunities for direct manipulation of objects or the environment, which are essential in particular in the performance of everyday tasks. By using service robots in a smart home, such individualized assistance can be provided.

Objectives and procedure

The objective of the project AuRorA is the development of a robust and concurrently flexible approach to a pleasant and efficient interaction of humans with robots in a smart home. On one hand, the robot serves as an interface between the user and smart home; on the other hand, the robot can provide direct support for simple handgrips.

An adaptive dialog system uses the information from a connected environment as well as the already existing link of events and robot actions that have been learned. Users get an information about the robot activities at any time. Attention is increasingly focused on the ability to learn and on an interactive robot behavior. The continuous adaptation creates a transparent and pleasant interaction.  

Innovations and perspectives

The autonomous learning and the adaptation of the robot behavior can create new possibilities for pleasant interactions between humans and robots. This creates the possibility to use it also in other applications outside the smart home.

Project duration

09/2017 - 08/2020

Staff members

Luis Perotti

Research assistant

Nicole Strutz

Research Assistant

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