Dissertations and Thesis

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Contact person for final papers or doctoral theses

If you are interested in writing a thesis or dissertation in one of our topics, please contact us at the following email address.


Ms. Rebecca Dahms: "Technical supported music systems and music therapy for therapy of people with mild to severe cognitive disorders"

Ms. Cornelia Eicher: "Usage, acceptability and benefits of assistive health and robotic technology in specific vulnerable patient groups, such as those with ALS, stroke and lipid metabilism disorders"

Mr. Florian Feldwieser: "Identification and analysis of fall predictive parameters to record the individual risk of falling with a technical supported system of optical and acceleration sensors. Determination and analysis of risk of falling in older adults with acceleration measures accoriding to a short, medium and long term prognosis."

Mr. Marten Haesner: "Analysis of the interactivity in older adults with an eLearning platform considering people with mild cognitive diorders"

Ms. Deborah Jachan: "Activity and movement measurement in people in need of care through the use of innovative human-technology interactive solutions"

Mr. Jörn Kiselev: "Diagnostic and evaluation of functional parameters in physiotherapy"

Ms. Simone Kuntz: "Identification of pattern considering a general assessment for managing a nursing treatment pathways"

Ms. Antje Latendorf: "Use of digital media for non-pharmacological care of people with dementia"

Ms. Kathrin Raeder: "Type and frequency of chronic wounds in outpatient and inpatient care institutions in Germany"

Mr. Oskar Stamm: "Serious Gaming in Immersive Environments (VR and AR) as Rehabilitation Treatment for Elderly Users"

Ms. Anika Steinert: "Self-monitoring as an instrument to improve older persons' health behavior"


Mr. Gunnar Soohs: "TAP-M as predictor for the driving performance of older healthy persons: A cross-sectional study within the project Smart Senior of the Geriatric Research Group of the Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin."

Bachelor and Master's thesis

Ms. Corinna Traoré (2017): Multidimensional intervention with music for people with mild to severe cognitive impairments – Evaluation of a music concept in (three) care homes for efficacy to people with dementia and the influence to caregivers.

Ms. Lina Runde (2017): Pilot study for validating of digitized cognitive test methods: "Farbe-Wort-Interferenztest, Trail-Making-Test A and Trail-Making-Test B".

Ms. Kristin Bratz (2017): "Stress measurement of older adults - a comparison of subjective and objective feeling"

Mr. Matthis Sarnighausen (2016): "Technology-based fall detection - An analysis of the technology commitment of older adults in their home environment"

Ms. Rebecca Wassermann (2016): "Critical evaluation of current therapies at subacute and chronical disorders of lumbar spine and taking into account the relevance, opportunities and perspectives of biofeedback-stabilizing physical exercises for the future."

Mr. Andreas Schalm (2016): "Usability test of the ALFRED back trainer - Examination of the difficulties regarding the construction and usability of the training system"

Mr. Sebastian Wolf (2016): "Older adults and Google Glass: a usability study"

Ms. Katharina Schmidt (2016): "FMOOC – what impact has a technology-supported fitness training on seniors aged 60 and older?"

Ms. Agata Wiesniewski (2015): "A diabetes assistant implemented in a mobile phone: How do motivational features influence the seniors' user behavior regarding a health app?"

Ms. Diana Roßbach (2015): "Benefits and potentials of digital applications for the preservation of cognitive abilities within older age – comparing a training platform and playful applications"

Ms. Romana Pawlak (2014): "Analysis of the care situation for geriatric patients in Germany considering existing funding concepts"

Mr. Frederick Laube (2014): "Application of sensors to examine the driving performance of seniors"

Mr. Timo Sigwarth (2014): "Evaluation and examination of the driving performance of seniors with mobile sensors"

Ms. Aileen Tetley (2014): "User behavior of older persons regarding a health app and its influence on the general health perception"

Ms. Tatjana Edelmann (2013): "Causal analysis of avoidance behavior of older car drivers within road traffic" (Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg, Institute for Psychology)

Ms. Anika Steinert (2012): "Analysis of factors influencing the use of internet communication by older persons" (Westsächsische University Zwickau, faculty health and nursing sciences, degree program Health Sciences)