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Blick über die linke Schulter einer Patientin. Ihr am Tisch gegenüber sitzt eine Ärztin im kurzärmligen weißen Kittel, die auf einem Klemmbrett Notizen macht.

For patients and relatives: Information about the Clinic for Geriatrics

On this page, you will receive information on contacting the Department Geriatrics (Ward 46, CBF) and the corresponding office hours. You can also find any open positon for test persons.


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How to reach the clinic for Geriatrics (Station 46, CBF):

Ward assistance

Monday - Friday 8am - 2pm

+49 30 450 514 474/ 475

Ward care

+49 30 450 514 494

+49 30 450 514 979

What to bring for your hospitalization from home

  • Health insurance card
  • Complementary insurance paper
  • X-ray images,  if available: CT- MRT images
  • Laboratory values and ECG
  • Long-term medication – important: show the tablets to your doctor at the medical consultation. Afterwards you can give the medicines to your relatives, as you will receive medication from the hospital.
  • Vaccination record, X-ray record
  • Pajamas or nightdress, bathrobe
  • Slippers
  • Underwear, Socks, comfortable cloth (for Physio- and Occupational therapy
  • Towels, tooth brush and paste, soap, washcloth, potentially denture box
  • Comb/Brush, shaver, cosmetics, nail scissors/-file
  • Small change – please no big amounts of money
  • Book, magazine

What you shouldn’t bring along with you

  • Medicine, that you don’t take on a regular base
  • Watch, expensive jewelry and other valuables
  • Big amounts of money
  • Pets