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The clinic for geriatrics and geriatric medicine on the Benjamin Franklin Campus (CBF) introduces itself

Geriatrics (geriatric medicine) at the Charité is one of the first inpatient geriatric departments in a university hospital. The Klinik für Geriatrie und Altersmedizin at Charité has its special expertise in the treatment of elderly patients (60+), both in the acute phase and in early rehabilitation.

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Clinic For Geriatrics and Geriatric Medicine

In February 2015, one of the first in-patient geriatric departments at the Benjamin Franklin Campus was opened.

Experts in university geriatric medicine

At this clinic location, geriatric, multimorbid patients with acute internal, neurological and orthopedic diseases are treated in the sense of early geriatric rehabilitation by an interdisciplinary team of doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, geriatric trained nursing staff and social workers. Frequent diagnoses of our patients are apoplexy, hip endoprosthesis after femoral neck fracture, decompensated heart failure and pneumonia. The focus of our rehabilitation is the reintegration of elderly patients after illness into their familiar environment, taking into account individual resources such as physical and psychological skills. We have many years of expertise in the treatment of geriatric patients.