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About the Department of Geriatrics

The Clinic for Geriatrics and Geriatric Medicine of the Charité and the Research Group Geriatrics are under the direction of Prof. Müller-Werdan.

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Geriatric medicine at the Charité

Geriatrics or geriatric medicine at the Charité is divided into two major areas: the Clinic for Geriatrics and Geriatric Medicine (CBF) and the Geriatrics Research Group.  These departments are headed by Prof. Dr. Ursula-Müller-Werdan as head physician and holder of the chair for geriatric medicine at the Charité.

The clinic treats multimorbid patients with acute internal, neurological and orthopaedic diseases in the sense of early geriatric rehabilitation.

The Evangelische Geriatriezentrum Berlin (EGZB) belongs to the Johannesstift Diakonie and is a cooperation partner of the Charité's Geriatric Clinic.

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