to the homepage of the Geriarics Research Group of the CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin.

Under the direction of Prof. Dr. med. Müller-Werdan the university geriatrics medicine consists of the clinic and the interdisciplinary Geriatrics Research Group.

The clinic is situated at the Campus Benjamin Franklin, our cooperation partner ist the Evangelic Geriatric Centre (EGZB)

The interdisciplinary consisted Geriatrics Research Group with following working groups:

              WG Aging and Technology

              WG Berlin Aging Study

              WG Biology of Aging

              WG Nutrition and Body Composition

              WG Lipid Metabolism

              WG Empirical Care Research


The Geriatrics Research Group is very active in geriatric medicine and metabolic diseases since 1990 - often in cooperation with other renowned research institutes and research groups in Germany and abroad. Moreover the scientists of geriatrics teach in the Modellstudiengang, so that students can get a good view in the care of geriatric patients.  

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